Steady Me

by Mini Trees

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Dust 04:01
Seventeen, I would dream I kept it all together Out of touch, in the clouds Didn’t know better Clarity ease my mind Tell me everything’s fine Was a fool to think I would never change in time Pull the thread to watch it unravel Lose my handle Fall apart and try to regather What I scattered I was young and naive Caught in place, tethered Couldn’t stand on two feet Fragile as a feather Rip the rug from underneath me I’ll keep sinking Strip away my sense of meaning I won’t feel it Thought I knew what I wanted Thought I knew who I was Chalk it up to bad timing Call it whatever you want I was only a moment Before returning to dust
Spill 03:53
Maybe I was wrong When we were sitting outside I didn’t know what else to say I was afraid to spill my mind Fighting my senses I won’t find comfort Wishing it wasn’t you ‘Cause you don’t feel the way I do Something about the silence keeps me guessing I won’t let go of the thought Do you ever miss me wrapped around your bed sheets You won’t hear it from me I don’t have courage To tell you Maybe I was drunk When you were holding my hand You didn’t know what else to say You said you didn’t understand Fighting my senses I won’t find comfort I’m wishing it wasn’t true That you don’t feel the way I do
Steady Me 04:17
I’m trying, to let you in and To unwrap feelings I’ve kept all tangled up within my chest But something about it is scary as hell And yet all I’ve really wanted is to be known by someone else Were you ever someone new? I forgot the way it felt Climbing trees and losing shoes I’m light as air If it turns out it was just a game We’ll laugh about it either way I’m not trading anything for this feeling I’m trying but the way it’s been Is i’m not a good person, I’m just scared to let this all end You steady me You’re all that I have If I get everything I’ve wanted, will I be happy again? My doubts keep me confined When I’ve wanted to feel alive But something’s keeping me from you It’s at the back of my mind Whatever’s keeping me from you will try
Thinking Of 03:54
Lately I’ve fallen in the habit Of letting you all down And lately I’ve found I don’t feel bad about it I think I’ll be alright If it’s over now you can cut me loose I know it’s something that you’ve been meaning to do Use me up and keep me near I’ll still say anything you want to hear It’s funny how small I felt around you Could never measure up I hated what made me feel like I was different I couldn’t fill my cup I’m not gonna wait around for things to go back to the way they were We’ll be alright Move on with our lives You can stop pretending to be part of mine I never fit the mold you put me in I tried to lose myself and shed my skin You tell me all your words come out of love But is it really me you’re thinking of, you’re thinking of
Canyons 03:22
Can we go driving down abandoned roads Scaling down canyons I’m fine if we don’t I just wanted you to know Time’s no friend I’m wishing we were kids again Failing just to let go I’ll bruise and I’ll bend To keep trying to pretend So can we just go back And pick up where we left it at Feelings change slow it seems That they’ll hang around another 20 years Life keeps on moving on I will be waiting for... Do you still think there’s time I’d like to think so


released May 24, 2019


all rights reserved



Mini Trees Los Angeles, California

*✧living room pop✧*


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